A portion of proceeds are donated to local and national animal charities!

Our Mission

We Love Our Furry Companions!

At Pet Relaxation, we love animals! We care deeply about our pets and we know that you do as well. Our team believes that our relationships with our furry, scaly, and feathered friends need to be nurtured as much as possible. We created Pet Relaxation with that in mind, making every effort to ensure that our instrumental songs relax, calm, and soothe your companion. Our musicians have delicately crafted each tune to make your pet comfortable and happy through music for relaxation. Whether your pet needs a calming influence while you’re away or you want to get the most out of your quality time with them, we can help!

Jason Bell, Co-founder: Piano & Synthesizer
Drew Spencer, Co-founder: Bass Flute & Oboe
Isabella, CFO: Retriever Mix
Alana, Office Manager: Black Lab
Echo, Senior VP: Aussie/Border Collie Mix 


Giving Back Is A Priority!

Caring for pets all over the country is important to us and we believe in saving the world, one pet at a time. By purchasing our soothing music to enjoy with your pet, you can help deserving animal charities, both local and national.
A portion of our proceeds goes to local and national animal charities. 
    Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us today if you would like to know more about Pet Relaxation, or our debut album “Doghouse Lullaby”. We look forward to speaking with you.